For MVNOs or Data SIM Distributors

By improving your user experience, expanding your business rapidly to different markets globally  with our patented CloudSIM and HyperConn technology, we could boost revenue of both sides dramatically.

These are what we can do for you:
1.5G and 4G mobile hotspot/CPE OEM or ODM services;
2.5G and 4G Data package customization targeted at your different user groups;
3.PaaS and SaaS service to make sure of a fast and reliable business operation globally;

Why uCloudlink?

Nasdaq-listed with High credit and transparent background

Nasdaq-listed company with yearly professional and strict audition; Absolute leadership in CloudSIM IoT field;

Powerful R&D and Network Switch Abilities

40% R&D in more than 20 branches worldwide; Over 161 technical patents; Supports both automatic AI and manual switch; Reserved ability for Hyper Connectivity which is 70% faster than normal switch.

Global 5G and 4G coverage

5G coverage: 100+ tier 1 carriers’ network in over 54 countries;
4G coverage: 290+ tier 1 carriers’ network in 140+ countries;
It always has at least 1 backup network in all major countries.

Market-proven brand and products

Millions level Max. MAT (Monthly Active Terminals );
2,100+ Global Partners;
2.01 GB Daily devices average data consumption;
Excellent rating (4.4) in Trustpilot, which is much higher than our competitors; Best Seller on Amazon.

Flexible Product Portfolio

Besides 5G/4G mobile hotspots , home devices, we also have Tablets IP cameras ,Industrial router, and other IoT devices integrated with CloudSIM solution.

Great team as a guarantee for reliable data service

Experienced operation team could support a monthly active terminal connections of several million level; With over 8 years solid and sustainable global operation in data service, we’ve built an international service team throughout the whole product life cycle.

About uCloudlink


uCloudlink (Nasdaq: UCL) is an innovative mobile technology company established to offer the world's leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace based on Cloud SIM technology. We provide the best global mobile data services to billions of users in over 140 countries and regions.


1. 5G or 4G mobile hotspots and CPE OEM or ODM services

2.GlocalMe devices resale or rental

3.International 5G or 4G data customization

4.Local 5G or 4G data customization

5.IoT PaaS

6.IoT SaaS

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